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November 2019
CORELIO PRINTING - Erpe-Mere/Belgium auction December 2019 by TROOSTWIJK company
Based on our 20 years experience regarding printing equipment relocation (more than 80 successfully projects completed), we have been selected by the famous auctioneer, the company TROOSTWIJK to carry out dismantling and loading services for the printing equipment, subject to Corelio Printing factory online auction, with closing date 5th December 2019 15:00 EET.
In the last years (2014-2016) we have completed several relocation projects to/from Corelio Printing factory (two KBA C215 16 pages presses, KBA C418 32 pages press, Muller Martini Tempo high speed saddle stiticher line, palletizers Cohiba etc.), therefore we know very well the premises and material.
November 2019
Rotary heatset press MAN Lithoman IV, 48pages A4 - year of built 2000
- relocation from Paris-France to North France
Press cut-off 2x620mm, web width 1460mm, ser. No. 4080xxx, 1 splicer MEG DLC 2400, E+L web guide, 4 printing units with PPL plate system, 1 dryer 13.5m MEGTEC DualDry TNV/1524, chill roll stand, 1 folder PF 2:3:3, Planatol Combijet, Silicon Weko, Grafikontrol color/cut-off register system.
- Complete press relocation, new paper reel transport system reconfiguration. 
August 2019
Rotary Newspaper press GOSS Universal 70 - 1998-2005
- relocation from United Kingdom to Italy
Press cut-off 2 x 598.50mm, web width 914mm, Ser. no. 571805-770405-770707, consisting of 5 x 4-high double circ printing towers, Innotek spray-dampening, 1 folder Goss type J2:3:3, 8 splicers Hurst5000 installed in 90 degrees, Rexroth Indramat shaftless drive system, Allen Bradley – Goss press control system, 2B Prazision plate punching and bending, Muller Martini post-press equipment.
- complete press relocation, reconfiguration and installation as 2-levels press
- new folder position, new distances (extended) between towers
- completely new built platforming and access ladders on 2 levels
- integration and installation of 2 x 5 splicers MEG DLP1000 located on ground level
- new belt paper web-up system integrated to press control 
MAN Rotoman N 16 pages - heatset press - Germany to Hungary
Ser. No. 4051xxx, 1 Contiweb splicer, 4 printing units with PPL, Baldwin GTW Impact blanket washing, 1 MAN web catcher, 1 dryer 9m VITS Sirius-I Hot Air, 5 cylinder MAN chill roll stand, Weko silicon applicator, 1 folder MAN PFI-16 1:2:3:2 A4, A4, Delta, Double parallel Planatol Combijet 7Com, Manroland inline Cut Off Control – ICC + Inline Density Control – IDC (2010), MAN controls + PECOM -TPP presets +prod. Manager, post-press equipment Gammerler + rotary knives
Rotativa ziar GOSS Universal 70 - 2001-2006 Anglia- Maroc
Reconfigurare integrala dintr-o rotativa Goss U70/Tribune - extractie 4 turnuri Universal70, adaugare 4 derulatoare AMAL.
Reconstructie integrala mecanica si electrica rotativa Universal 70.
Configuratie noua: 4 turnuri shaftles 40-high cut -off 2x578mm, 2 falturi Visa, 4 derulatoare automate AMAL AR60, 2 console cerneluire Goss
- asezare in linie furnizare design CAD integral
- reconstructie platforme acces, platforme lucru faltuitoare, scari de acces noi
- reconstructie automatizare electrica si electronica functionare ca un intreg sau 2 rotative separate.


Rotativa ziar ORIENT SUPER, Italia -Moldova
Transfer rotativa Orient Super, 2 turnuri 4-high, 2 turnuri 2-high, 3 mon, 2 falturi, 2 console, registru automat, din Italia in Rep. Moldova....

Rotativa ziar GLOBAL GWS - Italia
Reconfigurare in Italia rotativa 4 turnuri 4-high prin adaugarea a inca 4 turnuri 4-high shaftless, 1 falt Gazette, 4 derulatoare noi Jardis, console si software nou.....


Rotativa ziar GOSS Community 2002 Italia

Transfer si modificare configuratie rotativa ziar Goss Community, 4 turnuri, 4 grupuri, 1 faltuitor Urbanite in Italia.
Operatiunile de relocare au acoperit toata gama de servicii: 
- demontare electrica si mecanica;
- incarcare si fixare pe mijloacele de transport;
- instalare electrica si mecanica;
- modificare configuratie: eliminare grupuri de imprimare 1+1 si derulatoare manuale in linie cu derulatoare automate AMAL instalate in 90 de grade cu masina, adapatarea si instalarea unui con suplimentar de faltuire DEV. Aceasta a impus de asemenea modificarea distantelor intre grupuri si a platformelor, precum si instalare de sisteme de "angle bar"

- punere in functiune si teste de hirtie si imprimare

Rotativa ziar SOLNA D300, Grecia
Transfer rotativa SOLNA D300, 19 grupuri suprapuse, din Suedia in Grecia...

Rotativa ziar KBA C213 - Varna, Bulgaria
Re-locarea unei rotative de ziar KBA C213, 10 grupuri suprapuse ....

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